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about us

Suhan Pty Ltd has a significant experience stretches over 6 years in the field of Victorian Energy Upgrades. Our experience assures cost-effective solar energy solutions to the Australia with the simple and hassle-free installation process. Our solar system generates electricity by using Photovoltaic (PV) effect. SUHAN’s Pty Ltd is a 100% privately owned Australian Company. We are an approved Solar Retailer by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) Australia. SUHAN’s Solar Power Systems generate clean electricity using the Sun light, cutting your electricity bill with help of traditional forms of energy. SUHAN’s Solar Power System also helps to reduce the negative effects of climate change and global warming caused by long established methods of generating energy. Installing our Solar Power System is not only an investment for future; you will also be contributing your bit to reduce impact on our environment.

Why us

SUHAN’s Solar solution offers extensive range of Solar Power System in very competitive price in the market. Even though we offer competitive Solar Power System, we still maintain our high standard of services and quality to our customers.

All Solar Power System installed by SUHAN Pty Ltd is certified to Australian Standard AS4777. Our Solar Power System installers are Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved in accordance with CEC guidelines which ensures that customers get highest quality of Installation with help of our qualified installers. SUHAN’s Pty Ltd has been operating successfully in residential and commercial properties to generate environmentally friendly and cost-effective green energy solutions.

For more information, we are always ready to assist you with one of our friendly Solar Power System consultants. Let’s make the SUN pay for your energy bill. Call us now or send us an inquiry for prompt 100% free Quote. .